QiaoPing Lin

Piano Instructor

Ms. QiaoPing Lin is an expert in teaching piano and musical performance. Her teaching style is expressive, imaginative, and patient. She uses flexible methods to instruct students of all levels in multiple genres, including baroque, classical, romantic, and jazz and incorporates knowledge of musical history and theory into her instruction. With her huge enthusiasm for teaching music, she constantly strives to be the best teacher she can be by absorbing new teaching philosophies and improving her curricular designs.

Ms. Ping has over a decade of teaching experience. Her teaching career began in Guangzhou, China, in 2011, where for four years. She taught both private and group lessons. She also prepared students for ABRSM piano and theory exams and directed recitals. In the United States, she continued teaching while pursuing a Master of Music in Piano Performance at the University of South Florida and taught undergraduate classes as a Teaching Assistant while completing a Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy at the University of Houston. During the pandemic, She learned to adapt music education to remote teaching for both private and group classes, and she now easily handle both online and in-person instruction. The ability to be flexible and meet students is a hallmark of excellent teaching and essential for student engagement.