Diana Ding


Ms. Diana Ding, Vivo Professional Music School co-founder, received her bachelor’s degree from Hebei Normal University in China. Her major was Chinese Language and Literature. Since 1994, when her teaching career began, she has been highly praised as an exceptionally patient, dedicated, and passionate teacher. Her years of teaching experience enable her to help her students properly and effectively. She was an academic dean for 5 years at a middle school in China before coming to America. Aside from teaching students and managing Vivo School, she also enjoys teaching her son and daughter.

Publications and Conference Papers by Diana Ding (Chinese)

  • Insight into the Life of Individuality, Education Press, 
  • Reading Teaching Design, Press of Art and Scientific Electron, 
  • Participated in editing the book, Education and Management of China, as the vice editor, Chinese Society Press, 2008
  • Give Humane Care,Education Press, 2007.
  • Teaching Design,Education Press
  • Systemic Importance of Knowledge to Promote Students′ Ability to Form, Chinese Society Press, 2004.
  • Enhanced Interest in the Promotion of Independent Learning, China Radio And Television Press, 2003

Awards Received

  • First Prize in High-Quality Lesson Competition of China, 2010.
  • First prize in High-Quality Lesson Competition of Provincial Education Board, 2008.
  • Individual Performance Award of Provincial Education Board, 2007.
  • Commendation by Bureau of Education, 2006.
  • First prize in High-Quality Lesson Competition of Bureau of Education, 2004.