Group Piano Class is a valuable class for our children in early music education. Students will participate in games, activities, and group works and will have a ton of fun! Student will learn basic music theory, including rhythm, notation, and the different characters and moods that we can express with piano. 

Our teachers strike a balance between giving demonstrations to the whole group and attending to each student’s particular needs. In addition to the individual instruction that each student will receive during the class, students will be paired or put into small groups to play fun ensemble pieces, providing a great opportunity for them to learn to work with others in a creative way! Students thus learn to collaborate with and support each other in a harmonious classroom environment. For students who are nervous about taking individual music lessons, this class provides a fun and relaxing alternative.

Group Piano class is good for kids from age 3 to 6.
* Group minimum size: 3 students; maximum size: 5 students.


45 Mins

$ 450
Session (18 lessons)