Mary Katherine Schober

Piano Instructor

Mary Katherine Schober currently teaches piano and performs collaboratively and individually in the Houston area. Having studied piano and group piano pedagogy extensively, she has taught private piano lessons for ten years and group piano classes as well. She currently teaches children’s group piano classes and private lessons at Vivo.

Mary Katherine recently completed her masters degree in piano performance from the University of Houston, after earning her bachelors degree from Louisiana State University. Her undergraduate years gave her extensive teaching and playing opportunies. As a junior, she received a special commendation at the 2015 LSU Concerto Competition. During her graduate studies, she collaborated with the University of Houston AURA Contemporary Ensemble, taught group piano as a graduate assistant, and served as president of the Music Teachers National Association collegiate chapter. Among her other duties as president, she organized an outreach concert for victims of Hurricane Harvey, and pioneered the MTNA at UH Young Artist Gala. She recently presented her independent research on the impact of emotion and mindset in the music studio at the 2018 Texas Music Teachers Association Convention in Waco, Texas.

Teaching a solid understanding of note-reading, rhythm, and theory while building a natural technique, Mary Katherine seeks to inspire a love for music and an intrinsic value mindset in her students. She enjoys customizing goals with the student, and working with students of all backgrounds and personalities. She is passionate about leaving a positive impact on the lives of students.